Sunglasses: What Colour Lense is Best?

If you are going to buy sunglasses to play golf with, you might want to consider the color of the lens.

I get asked this question, at least once a month, “What color lens is best for golf?” The answer is, it depends.

According to most vision training experts, like Dr. Craig Farnsworth reported in Golf Digest in 1999,  the following rules seem to apply for golf:

  1. Players reported that the cinnamon and citrus tints appeared to enhance green reading skills
  2. Yellow and rose tints were preferred on cloudy days – these tints improve contrast.
  3. Gray tints were the least favored.

There are many sunglass companies now on the market that are promoting their golf specific colored lenses.

Bolle, Oakley, and Maui Jims are all popular among players and have colored lenses that are used for different light conditions.

Peak Vision is a company making some waves in the golf industry with their dual zone technology. The lenses have two different tinting zones in one lens. They enhance distance perception and reduce glare from the sun as well as optimizing visualization of the terrain. Several PGA Tour professionals are wearing the product and Billy Andrade claims his early success in 2005 on the putting green was due to the glasses.  For more info go to

Nike launched their MaxSight colored contact lenses last year which are made by Bausch & Lomb . It comes in two tints: Gray-Green, for sports such as golf, football, and running, which are played in bright sunlight; and Amber, for fast-moving ball sports such as soccer, tennis, and baseball, which are played in variable light.  Players are also singing the praises of this product.

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